Women & Their Responsibilities in Marriage

WomenA few days ago, my boyf posted on his IG story about me told him some rules when we got married. In that video, i said “it’s not my responsibility to do all the house-cleaning and cooking when i’m tired”. And there are some comment that said “it’s actually my responsibility to do it as a wife”.

I watched a movie on Netflix called “Why Women Paid Less Than a Man”. In that movie, they explain on how a women can’t improve their carrier because they have more responsibility at home (such as taking care the kids, doing some extra jobs, etc). Meanwhile man who is married has a bigger carrier opportunity because they have “family motivation”, means they are more motivated to get more money for their family. And another thing that in this movie concern is about women who always has more jobs to do than man but paid less than a man. By more jobs means they have a work at office and also do all these house-work things (house-cleaning, taking care kids, etc).

For me personally, i think all these house-working things is not only women’s responsibility in household. Marriage takes two partner to helping each other in order to make this little family happy. For me, there’s no “wife’s jobs” or “husband’s job“. All things that related to family is both responsibility as a life-time partner. But again, yes, this stereotype and society rules is sometimes different with my personal thought. And this stereotype about women must do all these house-work stuffs is sometimes harm women’s side. Continue reading “Women & Their Responsibilities in Marriage”